About Varato

Varato enables B2B and B2C companies to continuously evolve through a human approach to technology that prepares companies for a secure future, with integral core principles intact. Manufacturers, wholesale distributors, parts suppliers, franchising companies, and other legacy businesses appreciate our expertise and comfort-level plotting out complex third-party integrations that support high-touch customer relations in digital environments. 

The Varato Story

Varato is the new and improved iteration of an established and trusted brand, Harris Web Works. We exist to help experienced business owners understand the big picture of a technology stack that will best support customers and teams, providing clarity and guidance on decision-points so details fall into place.  Together, we plan phased implementation of back-end and front-end systems in ways that reduce pain, limit risk, and create real, measurable gains for businesses. 

Varato means “launched” in Italian to convey how we help clients launch into the future using new and innovative ways to grow their business. 

We have been putting down roots in the New Haven, CT area since 2006, when founder Matthew Harris moved here from Kansas City. Growing up in America’s heartland was good for building a well-rounded view of what family businesses go through when attempting to adapt to change. Earlier, we were known as Medium Well in New York City, where the company was founded in 2000 and built expertise in key digital media areas while establishing relationships around the globe. 

As Varato, we demonstrate our commitment to a courageous future. 

Our Services

We’ve expanded beyond website development to provide all in-house services and partnerships needed to help legacy businesses meet the demand for advanced, seamless, instantaneous, web-based functionality for internal and external stakeholders. We’ve grown into a team that can step beyond its founders’ reputation, knowledge, and networks. Hence the decision to change our name from Harris Web Works. 

We provide the full range of website development, site administration, marketing, SEO, and hosting services for B2B and B2C companies. Specialties include building complex websites with third-party integrations for manufacturers, wholesale distributors, parts suppliers, franchising companies, and other legacy businesses. 

It’s our mission to help companies generate more business and increase revenue while improving efficiency. Business owners can focus on the value their company brings, knowing that we’ve got their backs keeping their digital systems updated and running smoothly, and staying ahead of tech trends. 

~ Matthew Harris
Varato Founder and President

About Our Team

Our team of over 25 members is connected around the globe, with an Eastern U.S. headquarters, a Midwest field office, and a technology hub in Bangladesh. All team-members are employees of Varato; there is no out-sourcing.

Collectively, our team holds multiple certifications in Adobe Commerce (aka Magento), Oracle NetSuite, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Analytics & Adwords, and more! 

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