Digital Transformation for Manufactureing & Distribution Companies

June 20th, 3pm to 7pm
172 Amity Road, Woodbridge CT 06525

3:00 PM

Networking, Drinks and Snacks

4:15 PM

Speaker: Matt Harris - Harris Web Works & Varato
Topic: Digital Transformation - A Historical Perspective (It’s just Business Evolution)

4:45 PM

Speaker: Nicole Donnely - DMG Digital
Topic: Something about training and legacy businesses challenges?

5:15 PM

Speaker: Guy Darter - Darter Specialties
Topic: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

6:00 PM

Speaker: Blythe Kelly, Odoo
Topic: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

7:00 PM

After Party at New England Brewing Company - 7PM to 9ish


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What is Varato?

Varato serves as a hub for individuals who are passionate about contributing to the collective progress of businesses. It emphasizes the power of storytelling as a medium to disseminate knowledge, insights, and solutions that have proven beneficial in the business world. The community likely comprises entrepreneurs, business leaders, professionals, and anyone interested in the dynamics of business success and challenges.


The community operates through a dual-channel approach:

In-person events: These gatherings are designed to foster networking, direct engagement, and the exchange of ideas in a more personal and impactful manner. They can range from workshops, seminars, to casual meetups, where experiences and stories are shared face-to-face.

Online content: This allows the community to transcend geographical limitations and enables a broader audience to access the valuable insights shared by its members. Online content can include articles, blogs, videos, webinars, and social media engagement. This platform ensures that learning and interaction continue beyond the confines of physical events.


An essential component of Varato’s strategy involves forming alliances with organizations, educational institutions, and other entities that align with its mission. These partnerships are instrumental in amplifying the reach and impact of Varato’s initiatives. By collaborating with like-minded organizations, Varato can access a wider array of resources, expertise, and audiences. These collaborations may take various forms, such as co-hosting events, joint content creation, sharing of resources, or cross-promotion on digital platforms. Such partnerships not only enrich the community’s offerings but also strengthen the ecosystem around business learning and development. Through these collaborative efforts, Varato aims to create a more interconnected and robust platform where the flow of valuable insights and opportunities is enhanced, thus furthering its mission to support business growth and learning on a larger scale


The underlying belief of Varato is that collective wisdom and shared learning are instrumental in overcoming business challenges and achieving growth. By listening to how others have navigated their way through problems, members can glean practical advice, avoid common pitfalls, and discover innovative solutions. This ethos champions the idea that growth is a communal effort, and by helping each other, the entire business ecosystem can advance. It acknowledges the complexities of the business world and promotes a culture of sharing and support as a way to foster mutual development.

In essence, Varato appears to be more than just a community; it’s a movement towards building a supportive and knowledge-rich environment where businesses, regardless of their size or industry, can learn from each other and thrive together.